Performance Coaching

How to Create Giants of Others. (2 Days).

Program Overview

Think about this: less than 5% of managers and employees believe their talents and skills are being used at the optimum level. Untapped potential with the remaining 95% presents an enormous opportunity to both benefit your organisation and contribute to their career fulfilment – a win-win outcome.

  • Are you fully utilising the resources of your people?
  • Are you achieving the bottom line results you seek while building a success-oriented, fulfilling work culture?
  • Are your employees taking full accountability for their performance and consciously upgrading their talents and abilities?
  • Are you clearly and directly addressing the performance issues of your associates?
  • Are you sustaining your competitive edge through effective development of your human resource talent?

Learning Outcomes

Coaching for Performance links individual passion with organisational purpose — and achieves measurable results! This participative workshop will provide you with the tangible tools you need to bring out the very best of your associates.

Training Methodology

The programme is fully interactive and uses a variety of methods to engage participants, maintain interest and enhance learning.

Programme delivery includes instructor led lectures, real life exercises, case study reviews, role playing scenarios and group discussions using an integrated highly participative learning approach.

Experiential, action-based activities and exercises will be employed to help participants generate new ideas and apply practical tools that can be implemented within their own organisations..

Who Should Attend

The programme is designed for C–Level Executives, Directors, Functional Managers, Project and Programme Managers and essentially all management and supervisors with responsibility for leading individuals and teams.

HR Leaders and Business Partners, Training & Development / Organisational Development Specialists, and Career Coaches/Mentors will also find the programme to be a particularly relevant addition to their current tools and skill sets.

Prerequisite for attending:

3 to 5 years minimum experience in a managerial position of relevance to the topic at hand.

Level of Course

Intermediate to Advanced. Some fundamental understanding of HR practices together with current leadership responsibility is essential.

Learning how to effectively coach associates ranging from your peak performers to those who need to “have a career opportunity elsewhere”. 

Content includes:

  • Enhancing results while developing people
  • Shifting accountability to associates for their own development
  • Linking performance to the corporate mission, vision and values
  • Linking empowerment with accountability
  • Setting performance targets, reinforcing strengths, and encouraging “stretches”
  • Celebrating growth and development
  • Being tough on issues and tender on people
  • Building coaching confidence and competence — making it stick