Communicating to Connect

How to be Tough on Issues & Tender on People. (1 Day).

Program Overview

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” — St. Francis of Assisi.

You have heard it many times: “We just can’t communicate!” Just because you are talking does not mean you are communicating.

Achieving and sustaining excellence requires that leaders master the art and tools of effective communication.

Refining your speaking and listening skills enhances communication and improves both personal and business performance.

Learning Outcomes

In this interactive workshop, participants will learn critical communication tools to expand their influence while connecting more effectively with others.

Tangible communication tools will be introduced as we explore the subject matter addressed in the course outline.

This very popular workshop can make a significant difference in enhancing the quality of communication on your team. 

Training Methodology

The programme is fully interactive and uses a variety of methods to engage participants, maintain interest and enhance learning.

Programme delivery includes instructor led lectures, real life exercises, case study reviews, role playing scenarios and group discussions using an integrated highly participative learning approach.

Experiential, action-based activities and exercises will be employed to help participants generate new ideas and apply practical tools that can be implemented within their own organisations..

Who Should Attend

The programme is designed for C–Level Executives, Directors, Functional Managers, Project and Programme Managers and essentially all management and supervisors with responsibility for leading individuals and teams.

HR Leaders and Business Partners, Training & Development / Organisational Development Specialists, and Career Coaches/Mentors will also find the programme to be a particularly relevant addition to their current tools and skill sets.

Prerequisite for attending:

3 to 5 years minimum experience in a managerial position of relevance to the topic at hand.

Level of Course

Intermediate to Advanced. Some fundamental understanding of HR practices together with current leadership responsibility is essential.

Course content includes:

  • Straight Talk: How to be tough on issues & tender on people
  • Courage: Speaking your truth with integrity and sensitivity
  • Safety: Making it easy for others to share their truth with you
  • Enhancing relationships while addressing sensitive issues
  • The 3 Truths: Your truth, my truth, & “The Truth”
  • The 4 Truth Tests
  • Listening for the message and the “Message Behind the Message”
  • Micro-connects and micro-disconnects
  • Matching communication styles for maximum understanding