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Management & Leadership Performance Workshop Offerings 2021 / 2022

This programme develops the skills needed to accurately select the best candidates (internal and external) for a role using predictive performance and competency / capability criteria.

It covers the entire interview process with emphasis on the PRICE structure and question plan (Prepare, Rapport, Interview, Close and Evaluate).

It provides the interviewer with the skills to apply STAR questioning techniques (Situation, Task, Action and Result) effectively and professionally.

Key learning is prioritised on the ability to conduct an objective, criteria based interview both as an individual interviewer and as an interview panel member.

Emphasis is on practical learning and improved capability and confidence for all participants within the context of an efficient overall process.

Goal Alignment is, essentially, a way of ensuring that the individuals in an organisation work towards a common purpose: the success of the business by ensuring ‘On Target Delivery’.

Organisational objectives provide the starting point for overall business goals. Organisational goals and objectives are then set, followed by team goals, leading to the drawing up of plans between individuals and managers, with continuous monitoring and feedback supported by review sessions.

The objective setting process starts at the top of the organisation, at board level, and measurable business objectives are developed to drive the business towards the vision along with the behaviours it wants to demonstrate.

This programme enables participants to understand, practice and finesse this process by use of tools and methodology provided.

This workshop is built on the best-practice, global truth that any good and powerful Talent Management programme or system is one that is fully integrated from beginning to end and is part of a full-cycle HR process from business planning to strategic HR planning, to recruitment and selection, to on-boarding, to performance management, to skills gap assessments, to learning and development, to Hi-potential identification, to career pathing and succession planning. All should be built on the same foundation and this workshop weaves them all together in one integrated whole.

Working, non-theoretical models and examples of best practice illustrated by real life case studies will be used enabling participants to identify and relate to the elements of best practice that they can incorporate into their own company culture and context.

“Effective change is not something you do to people. It’s something you do with them.” — Ken Blanchard

Change is inevitable — learning is optional. Change comes with the territory of being a leader. And leaders have two primary functions: 1) Creating a compelling vision, and 2) Converting that vision into results that count.

Is your organisation facing significant changes in the near future? Are you experiencing resistance from managers or staff? If so, this one day workshop will provide you with tangible tools to move from resistance to commitment.

Conflict comes with the territory of life. How one handles conflict often determines their career effectiveness. This high-value, pragmatic workshop focuses on principles and tools designed to address the issue while sustaining or even enhancing business relationships.  

Success is not an accident! Discover how visionary leaders implement deliberate, conscious actions to create a compelling vision, to ignite a spirit of passion, and to convert that energy into focused results.

The culture-changing, interactive, Deliberate Success Workshop emphasises peak performing principles and pragmatic tools that have immediate application in creating impressive individual, team, and corporate results.

Count on a high return on your investment as you and your associates come away with a new set of best practice leadership ideas and methods. 

“The question isn’t: ‘What if we train people and they leave?’ The question should be: ‘What if we don’t train people and they stay?” — Brian Tracy.

Tired of “flavour-of-the-month” team programmes that don’t deliver the results? Discover why this team development workshop results in a greater than 95% referral rate.

This pragmatic, participative, and insightful workshop emphasises principles and strategies of building and sustaining high performance teams — principles and strategies that have stood the test of time. 

When leadership development and teambuilding are high on your priority, the INTERACT Personal Strengths Profile is an essential workshop tool.

Amazingly accurate, thorough, and insightful, this self-assessment tool essential will assist you and your team in:

  • Identifying strengths and behavioural patterns that contribute to personal and interpersonal effectiveness,
  • Understanding how strengths, when used to excess, can sometimes get in the way of communicating with others,
  • Exploring how you and your team can more effectively communicate with and relate to people having different style preferences,
  • Applying behavioural strategies and communication tools that achieve enhanced results under both favourable and adverse conditions, and
  • Discovering how individual talents and styles can be applied more effectively to achieve even better results at work.

Think about this: less than 5% of managers and employees believe their talents and skills are being used at the optimum level. Untapped potential with the remaining 95% presents an enormous opportunity to both benefit your organisation and contribute to their career fulfilment – a win-win outcome.

  • Are you fully utilising the resources of your people?
  • Are you achieving the bottom line results you seek while building a success-oriented, fulfilling work culture?
  • Are your employees taking full accountability for their performance and consciously upgrading their talents and abilities?
  • Are you clearly and directly addressing the performance issues of your associates?
  • Are you sustaining your competitive edge through effective development of your human resource talent?

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.” — Antoine de Saint-Exupery

You have seen them many times – the “Bright-Eyed,” the “Glazed-Eyed,” and the “Beady-Eyed” employees.

Which of these three styles dominate your corporate culture? What impact does this have on productivity, customer service, morale, and even profitability? A recent Gallup survey found that 30% of employees across multiple industries are engaged, 52% are not engaged, and 18% are actively disengaged.

Enlightened leaders pay careful attention to shaping their corporate culture and engaging employees to create and sustain the “Bright-Eyed” experience. It’s good for the employees, good for the business, and good for the bottom line. 

Identifying and developing talent is perhaps one of the most important — yet most challenging — functions of an effective leader. After experiencing “Taking Talent to the Top,” you and your organisation may never be the same again! This session will influence you to think and act differently in seeking out the best of the best and investing in their development.

Working with you in advance, our training expert specifically tailors the workshop to address your interests and expectations.

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” — St. Francis of Assisi.

You have heard it many times: “We just can’t communicate!” Just because you are talking does not mean you are communicating.

Achieving and sustaining excellence requires that leaders master the art and tools of effective communication.

Refining your speaking and listening skills enhances communication and improves both personal and business performance.

This engaging and insightful workshop focuses on best practice principles and tools to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

To address your distinctive needs and interests, 4 consulting action steps are applied: 1) Assessment, 2) Planning, 3) Implementation, and 4) Follow-Up.

Before implementing the workshop, a team assessment is conducted through advance focus group interviews with stakeholders to identify aspirations, strengths, challenges, opportunities, and expectations. Based on the interview findings and your knowledge and insights, our expert trainer works closely with you to design a process to carefully integrate your desired outcomes to move the organisation from ”current state” to “future State”.